Роспись стен бара кинотеатра "Мираж" в г.Псков © Relatto

Роспись стен кинотеатра "МИРАЖ"

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Внезапный звонок с предложением выполнить роспись стен в баре и фойе кинотеатра "Мираж" выдернул меня из каждодневной работы в мастерской и я решил поучавствовать в этом проекте, тем более что много кандидатур художников по росписи стен отказалось ввиду ограниченного срока и условий или предложенного бюджета, а кто то просто не подходил по уровню качества рисования или как у художников называется - "писания". К себе этот термин не применяю, - не мое. Нарисовать, сотворить, наваять, изобразить - такое мне ближе.

В то время я находился в Белгороде, но раннее утро следущего дня и мотоцикл помогли быстро к вечеру преодолеть 1200 км до Пскова и я уже через день осматривал объект и обсуждал задание по нанесению рисунков на отштукатуренные стены. Предварительные изображения откуда то взяты, эскизы состояли из их компоновки в графическом редакторе  Питерским дизайнером . Но в них не были учтены планируемые столики с креслами и диваны для посетителей, лайтбоксы, дверные проемы и многое другое, поэтому все пришлось перекраивать заново, но в целом все было выдержано в угоду общей концепции с учетом этих факторов.

Painting of walls

A sudden call with a suggestion to paint the walls in the bar and foyer of the Mirage theater pulled me out of everyday work in the studio and I decided to participate in this project, especially since many candidacies of artists on wall painting refused due to the limited term and conditions or the proposed budget, and Someone simply did not fit the level of quality of drawing or as artists call it - "writings." I do not use this term myself, not mine. Draw, create, navayat, portray - this is closer to me. At that time I was in Belgorod, but early in the morning the next day and a motorcycle helped me to quickly overpass 1200 km to Pskov by the evening and I was already inspecting the object the next morning and was discussing the task of drawing drawings on plastered walls. Preliminary images from where they are taken, the sketches consisted of their layout in a graphic editor by the Petersburg designer. But they did not take into account the planned tables with armchairs and couches for visitors, light boxes, doorways and much more, so everything had to be redrawn anew, but in general, everything was designed to suit the general concept, taking into account these factors. But what was my surprise and irritation when, after 2 weeks of work 4 days before the commissioning of the object in the infernal conditions for the artist in the building under construction, for the incessant noise of perforators and tile cutters, the dust from all the works and a large number of different workers on the site comes this "Couturier "In a clean suit and varnish shoes and begins to wave his hands, what and how to do under his vision. Delicate customer can not openly object, because he likes, but he started working with this designer. My opinion is that if you are a designer and you want the embodiment of your vision, then you must be present and adjusted with me under these conditions, and not sit somewhere in an office in another city. Work with concrete - as the pilots used to say! Some adjustments were made and, in my opinion, illiterate miscalculations, as a result of which part of the painted walls was simply closed by equipment and the ridiculous installation of decorated ceilings. Someone will not understand what it's about - but as a whole it turned out pretty, and I got some lessons for the future and made conclusions.

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